Tips while installing your Cummins ISX injector

When replacing your ADP fuel injectors, we have some tips that could help you do a great job. First, you need to make sure that your engine is off during the whole installation process. Also, you need to make sure the work area is clean, we recommend no contaminants of any kind including, non-diesel fuels, gasoline, any substance that causes staining, corrosion, foreign debris, or rust. By doing this you ensure the correct installation of your ADP diesel injectors.

  1. Remove the old injectors from the cylinder head engine, making sure that everything is clean and following the recommendation we gave at the beginning.
  2. Better clean, with a brush, the bore out of the injector hole from your engine. Also, with a towel clean any soot or debris left in the bore. Do not blow into the bore of the injector hole, by doing this you could force debris into the combustion chamber, which can lead to a premature injector failure.
  3. Once the area is clean, get your injector and lubricate the O-ring with clean engine oil. Place the injector holding down the clamp into the bore in the correct orientation, push the injector down to seat it in the bore. This prevents the bolt hole to be free of oil and/or debris, achieving torque before it is tight.
  4. Next install the new injector feed tube into the bore. These injectors will get pre-torqued while holding down to 20Nm (177in-lb).
  5. Then install the injector feed tube retaining nut and pre-torque again to 20Nm (177in-lb).
  6. Now proceed to install the injector harness. Make sure that all the wires are in the right place, saving you from an injector circuit fault.
  7. Almost finishing now, the injector’s solenoid nuts must be torqued down to 2Nm (18 in-lb) avoiding like this the terminals on the injector to break off.
  8. Finally, after the injector is in the cylinder head and properly torque, install the rocker shaft assemblies and go through and set the valve settings.


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